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I can help you streamline your practice so that you have time to show your clients just how valuable you can be to them. 

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I love accounting, small business, and people and want to disrupt that boring accountant image by putting some fun back into the equation!

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About Me

I started my accounting practice from scratch 18 years ago at the age of 28.

I had worked at a top tier firm and a mid tier firm. I was career minded. I had my sights set on being perhaps one of the first female partners in that mid-tier firm. I did all the right things – I was one of the first in the office in the morning, one of the last to leave, took work home at night and on the weekends. I had no children at the time and my husband and I were cool with this.

At the time that I wanted to start a family, I had to make some choices. There was no maternity leave policy at the time, however, I was assured that an arrangement could be made. I thought to myself, mmmm, I could probably negotiate to work 3 days a week but knowing my work ethic and the expectations of the firm, they would be the ones that would win. I would probably get 5 days of work done in the 3 and the 2 days I had off probably would be open slather for phone calls and emails.

I made the call, I backed myself and set up practice at my home, 9 months before my son was born.

Why Work With Me?

My big why is to help accounting practice owners have better accounting practices and better lives.

Because when they do, they are far better advisors, they have better relationships with their staff and clients, they actually get to work in their zones of genius and they have better lives outside their practices.

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If you’re stuck in your day to day business life & feel like you’re “living to work” NOT “working to live” give Amanda Gascoigne a go, I guarantee you’ll wish you did it sooner.


Practice Owner, Kim’s Mobile Accounting

I have worked with Amanda for more than 5 years. In her role as Director of Gascoigne Consulting, Amanda proved to be a breath of fresh air. Amanda is forward thinking, utterly positive and a true leader in the accounting field. Amanda receives my highest recommendation.

Dane Stephenson

Operations Manager, NSW/ACT at Audit Share - Accountancy Insurance

I worked for Amanda Gascoigne for 9 years and learnt pretty much all I know about running an accounting firm from her. Amanda has a personality that is at odds with stereotypical depictions of accountants as boring, uninteresting people and this, along with her genuine concern and interest in the lives of her clients, draws them to her and engenders loyalty and goodwill from them. As much as people might like you as a person though, they will move on if you are not doing the best possible job technically, and Amanda spent considerable time at the firm on ongoing education to ensure all staff were as well informed on changes to the laws as possible. As well as the constant training that was made available, Amanda was good to work for because of the flexibility she afforded her employees. At the time I had 5 small children and my wife did shift work so that was very important to me. She was very accommodating when it came to the hours and times I worked and I try to do this now as I am an employer of mothers.

Towards the end of my time with her, Amanda instituted a programme designed to greatly improve the processes and productivity of the firm. I know this focus on systems and an adherence to the discipline required to finish the work in the desired timeframe has greatly enhanced the success of the business, and I deeply regret not being around to see that particular transformation through to the end. The ability to consistently finish work to a high standard in an organised manner in a reasonable time is the holy grail of accounting I think. I assume Amanda must feel the same way because I know she has done a lot of work in this area, and has reaped the benefits of that. I firmly believe that Amanda is a credit to our profession and I am not surprised that she has gone on to achieve success in other areas beyond doing accounting work.

James Love