5 Steps to a Balanced Firm

5 Steps to a Balanced Firm

Have you ever felt that there must be a better way to run your practice? One that will give you more money, more freedom and more satisfaction.

I have found that so many accountants are fabulous at helping their clients achieve “all of the above” but they are like the plumber with the leaking tap.

In my 5 steps to a Balanced Firm program I will:

  • give you renewed enthusiasm for your practice and your life
  • give you the confidence to say to “no” to some clients and some work
  • give you the inspiration to build a culture of loyal and dedicated staff who live and breathe your vision for your practice
  • give you the motivation to embrace technology

In just 5 weeks you will have your very own blueprint that will help you re-design your practice so that it aligns perfectly with your vision.

You will have an action plan ready for you to start working on straight away or have ready to pull out come 1 January 2019 when you have some down time. When you re-open your office doors for the new year you will have a clean slate. One that can be written on with new policies, procedures and a new way of doing business and life.

What’s it all about?

Drawing on my 20+ years’ experience as a Chartered Accountant and 18 years as a practice founder and owner, I will be sharing the very things that worked for me. When I started my practice in 1999, I wanted out of the traditional accounting model and for most of the next 18 years that is what I did. I did not conform to what everyone else was doing. I wanted a contemporary accounting practice – one that would afford me a work/life balance. I was always looking at ways to do things better, more efficiently and one that would bring my team and my clients on the journey with me encouraging them to embrace this mindset too.

Over the years I have seen too many accounting practice owners doing it tough. Struggling to make the money they should be. Chasing one deadline after another. Putting one fire out after another. Constantly having to justify their fees.

So if that feels like I am describing you and your practice, don’t be alarmed. I have been hearing from your colleagues at seminars, in response to my newsletter and blogs and at my speaking engagements that they are feeling the same pain.

This course has been developed from my well received MYOB Partner Connect presentation and workshop last month. Now I only had 30 minutes to share my valuable content and strategies, but attendees wanted more.

So over 5 weeks I will share strategies, stories and resources that will have you focusing on you and your practice for a change. You need to be your own priority if you want to have a practice and a lifestyle that is going to serve you and your family well. I will help you gain clarity on what you are doing right now and what is possible. I will help you rediscover your passion for your practice all while making more money and giving you back some of your precious time, so you can enjoy it. I will help you rediscover what really is important in your life.

Here’s how it will work.

Course start date:
The course kicks off on 1 November 2018.

The Topics we will cover:

  • Week 1 – Talking Vision and Mindset
  • Week 2 – Talking Clients
  • Week 3 – Talking Services
  • Week 4 – Talking Team and Culture
  • Week 5 – Talking Technology


Weekly Course Notes and Activities – each week you will receive a combination of course notes, a video or two, an article or two and some activities to work through in your own time. I suggest that you block out at least an hour in your diary each week to go through this content.

Weekly Group Webinar – each week there will be a group webinar for an hour where I will give a brief overview of the content for the week and then open it up for questions and challenges that may have come up for you for the week’s topic. You can also challenge me and ask how something that I have brought u may work specifically in your case.

What’s next?

OK I’ve shared the content details but you’re an accountant right, so I’m sure your next question is, what’s the cost?

My response is that the investment I am asking you to make in yourself and your practice is a couple of hours a week, an open mindset and $495 (tax deductible of course and you may even want to add the hours to your CPE/CPD register).

So, what are you waiting for?

Sign up today for a better practice and a better life.

If you are worried about timing, my question to you is when is there ever a “good time”? There will always be BAS lodgment deadlines, ITR deadlines, staff on leave. Every client I have worked with in the past actually have said that they had wished they had started working with me sooner. My second question to you is, what is it costing you (in money, time and stress) by not taking action and making you and your practice a priority?

If your preference is to work more 1:1, I also work with a limited number of practice owners and their teams and offer tailored coaching for small and solo accounting practices. If this appeals more to you, all you need to do is send me an email amanda@amandagascoigne.com and we can discuss your options.