The Accountants Freedom Formula

Up-level, organise and move your business light years ahead with 1:1 coaching with

Amanda Gascoigne is extremely excited to share her extensive business knowledge with other accountants.

Whilst attending training courses, Amanda was hearing similar frustrations from many of her accounting colleagues:

too many deadlines and administrative tasks being imposed by ATO,
clients bringing their work in at the last minute,
clients not paying, and the list goes on.

Amanda and her staff had faced these issues too but had been able to overcome them. Change is always hard, especially when you are making changes to procedures that have been in place for many years.

Amanda’s Accountants Freedom Formula has been written with all of the obstacles that you may be faced in mind…….reluctance from a senior partner, reluctance from senior staff, reluctance from clients….. however once you decide to be brave enough to make a CHANGE Amanda will ensure that the changes are made with respect to these obstacles to ensure a successful transition.

I will be beside you on your journey to create a profitable business and a balanced lifestyle!

I will empower you to create a structure so that you can prosper.

The result will be more organized clients, happier staff, more profitability and a work/life balance for partners.

You Are:

  • an entrepreneur with an established business
  • outgrowing your current business model, systems and comfort levels
  • looking for someone to advise, consult, lead, teach, follow up and inspire
  • wondering about how to plan, navigate and succeed within a profitable framework
  • serious about growing your profitable, sustainable business

I am:

  • a fully qualified accountant & leader in my field
  • an entrepreneur with 20+ years experience running my own busy and successful firm
  • passionate about work/life balance and enjoying your life and your business
  • committed to educating and empowering people about all aspects of their business
  • great fun to hang out with while your business skyrockets to new levels

Together we will:

  • conduct a complimentary audit and health check of your current state business
  • hang out for a full-day intensive at the beginning of our time together
  • spend 1 hour per fortnight reviewing, planning and getting specific
  • conduct a halfway-through review for half a day at around the 6-week mark
  • wrap up the quarter with a full review of how far you’ve come and a plan for the future
  • have lots of fun along the way

Are you ready to Thrive in Business and in Life?