5 Steps to a Balanced Firm Course

5 Steps to a Balanced Firm

22518   Have you ever felt that there must be a better way to run your practice? One that will give you more money, more freedom and more satisfaction.

I have found that so many accountants are fabulous at helping their clients achieve “all of the above” but they are like the plumber with the leaking tap.

In my 5 steps to a Balanced Firm program I will:

  • give you renewed enthusiasm for your practice and your life
  • give you the confidence to say to “no” to some clients and some work
  • give you the inspiration to build a culture of loyal and dedicated staff who live and breathe your vision for your practice
  • give you the motivation to embrace technology

In just 5 weeks you will have your very own blueprint that will help you re-design your practice so that it aligns perfectly with your vision.

During the 5 weeks you will develop an action plan that you can start implementing immediately in some areas and others you may choose to work on progressively over the next 12 months.

My 5 step formula will help you discover your unique practice “sweet spot” and will ensure you have a practice that you love and a practice that is highly profitable.


What’s it all about?

Drawing on my 20+ years’ experience as a Chartered Accountant and 18 years as a practice founder and owner, I will be sharing the very things that worked for me. When I started my practice in 1999, I wanted out of the traditional accounting model and for most of the next 18 years that is what I did. I did not conform to what everyone else was doing. I wanted a contemporary accounting practice – one that would afford me a work/life balance. I was always looking at ways to do things better, more efficiently and one that would bring my team and my clients on the journey with me encouraging them to embrace this mindset too.

Over the years I have seen too many accounting practice owners doing it tough. Struggling to make the money they should be. Chasing one deadline after another. Putting one fire out after another. Constantly having to justify their fees. Feeling exhausted and discontent. Wondering whether they should have kept working for someone else and had that regular pay cheque with a pretty much a guaranteed annual increase.

So if that feels like I am describing you and your practice, don’t be alarmed. Your colleagues that I meet at seminars and speaking engagements and those that read my newsletters and blogs are feeling the same pain.

This course has been developed from my well received MYOB Partner Connect presentation and workshop and other presentations I did last year. I only had 30 minutes to share my valuable content and strategies, but attendees wanted more.

So over 5 weeks, I will share strategies, stories and resources that will have you focusing on you and your practice for a change. You need to be your own priority if you want to have a practice and a lifestyle that is going to serve you and your family well. I will help you gain clarity on what you are doing right now and what is possible. I will help you rediscover your passion for your practice all while making more money and giving you back some of your precious time, so you can enjoy it. I will help you rediscover what really is important in your life.


Here’s how it will work.

Course start date:
The course kicks off in March 2020.

The Topics we will cover:

  • Week 1 – Vision, Mindset and Balance
  • Week 2 – Clients
  • Week 3 – Services, Pricing and Packages
  • Week 4 – Employees, Team and Culture 
  • Week 5 – Technology Suite – Monday

Weekly Course Notes and Activities – each week you will receive a combination of course notes, a video or two, an article or two and some activities to work through in your own time. I suggest that you block out at least an hour in your diary each week to go through this content.

Weekly Group Webinar – each week there will be a recorded group webinar for an hour where I will give a brief overview of the content for the week and then open it up for questions and challenges that may have come up for you for the week’s topic. You can also challenge me and ask how something that I have brought up may work specifically in your case.

Private Facebook Page – throughout the course, there will be a private pop up Facebook group for participants to ask questions, share their breakthroughs and wins and receive encouragement, support and guidance from myself and the collective.

Number of Participants  – There will be a maximum number of 15 participants to ensure there is sufficient time each week to discuss issues pertinent to you and your practice on the group call. 


What’s next?

OK I’ve shared the content details but you’re an accountant right, so I’m sure your next question is, what’s the cost?

My response is that the investment I am asking you to make in yourself and your practice is a couple of hours a week, an open mindset and $997 (tax deductible of course and you may even want to add the hours to your CPE/CPD register).

So, what are you waiting for?

Sign up today for a better practice and a better life.

If you are worried about timing, my question to you is when is there ever a “good time”? There will always be BAS lodgement deadlines, ITR deadlines, staff on leave. Every client I have worked with in the past actually have said that they had wished they had started working with me sooner. My second question to you is, what is it costing you (in money, time and stress) by not taking action and making you and your practice a priority?

If your preference is to work more 1:1, I also work with a limited number of practice owners and their teams and offer tailored coaching for small and solo accounting practices. If this appeals more to you, all you need to do is send me an email amanda@amandagascoigne.com and we can discuss your options.


What previous course participants have said


“ I have just started my own practice and completing Amanda’s 5 Weeks to a Balanced Firm Course course has been invaluable in establishing my business.  I looked forward to each weekly instalment of the course, which contained a great balance of information, relevant articles and you tube videos, and Amanda’s video which further explained the topic.  The follow up exercises made me focus and reflect on the important aspects of my practice and I have come away from the course with a vision of my balanced firm and a roadmap to achieve that vision.  I particularly loved each weeks group zoom call where I interacted with a great bunch of participants, who were extremely supportive. 

Thank you Amanda! Your program is invaluable”.


“The program is extremely relevant and delivered in a fun way.  I came away from the program with the tools to develop a successful practice and a roadmap for how I will do this.

I loved the practical gems that Amanda imparts during the program.  The experience that Amanda brings to her coaching is invaluable.  Also, I loved the support from the other participants and it is great to build a supportive community of like minded practitioners.

Participants don’t just get the great content, but also access to Amanda’s extensive knowledge and a brains trust of other participants.

“I would definitely recommend the “5 Weeks to a Balanced Firm” course to other accounting practice owners”.


“The program forces you to assess all aspects of your practice and identify areas to focus on and improve.

I loved that the activities were practical and relevant. The articles had some really interesting and onpoint discussions. The group call allowed me to feel like there are other facing some of the same challenges and other people around willing to share and to learn from.

The “5 Weeks to a Balanced Firm” course definitely offered value for money”.



I loved the 5 Weeks to a Balanced Firm course! Particularly, spending time on documenting the vision for my firm and developing my target clients was extremely valuable. I also loved the connections made with other participants and sharing what works in their practices”

I really enjoyed the program and made me think about some key issues in practice”.


I am finding the course with Amanda very interesting. It challenges you to think about many aspects of your practice. One of the really interesting things to come out of it is that a lot of people struggle with the same issues, and that running an accounting practice is complex and often very demanding.

The participants in the group I am involved with are very open with sharing any aspect of their practice, and the issues that they are facing, which shows the sort of forum that Amanda conducts, just listening to peoples issues and also how they have solved the issue, or how someone else has solved a similar issue is very beneficial.

The first 3 weeks have certainly led me to think about many things within my practice and has helped me to make a definite decision on what I will be doing in my practice in the future and where I will be focussing my time, so if nothing else this has been worth it to me. No doubt I will still face some issues with the implementation, however at the end of the 5 weeks, I feel sure I will be better positioned to deal with these issues.

Even if I do not gain anything from the next 2 weeks (which will definitely not be the case) I am still in a far better position than I was when I started.

I also now have a group of people that I can ask questions of and get a genuine answer.

I can highly recommend the course and Amanda”. 


“Big shout out to Amanda Gascoigne!

I have been in practice for almost 2 years now and already in week 1 of Amanda’s content, even before our weekly calls have begun, it has me thinking about what I want from my practice, in a way I have never even thought about. I am excited to sit with this more and get a clear vision for my practice and start smashing goals!

Also, from some chats we have had recently, I have now increased my fees and invoiced more this week than I have to date! If I am already this impressed and seeing results, I cannot wait for the rest of the content and tips from Amanda!

Thank you”!


Highly recommend doing it. I am just starting out in our practice but it’s given me all the tools to start out the right way 🙂


I highly recommend doing the course. I am in the starting phase and the course has provided me with a wealth of information and also I gained invaluable insight from other practice owners. 

It has been a pleasure doing this course with Amanda. I find the course materials cover all the relevant aspects & I enjoyed working through the assignments (never thought I’d say that!). During the webinar sessions, Amanda always made sure all of the participants’ questions are answered and important topics are covered.

The best thing about this course is no matter what phase you are in your practice, everything in the course materials is relevant. I will definitely revisit the materials in the next 12 months for strategic planning purposes.


Dear Amanda,

I would like to take this opportunity to say “THANK YOU” 💐

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your 5 Steps to a Balanced Firm course.

I am truly grateful for your wealth of knowledge, expertise and your love to help & guide each any everyone of us where possible.

I am personally grateful that I have now:

1. Drawn a clear vision of myself & my practice. As small as it is, doing it all yourself draws you away from things that matter in life – MY FAMILY

2. Finally listed those non-ideal clients that need to go and advise of such decision. Always knew they were there but never did it.

3. Realise that I do not charge enough for my time and expertise. A few minutes here and there add up as do those tasks that a client can do but chooses not too – there is now a fee applicable. More $$$

4. Although I’m a sole practitioner with no Team, my team is my Family and with less stress we are better for it.

5. I have been slowly migrating to the cloud. However at times I do wonder if it’s worth my while as I am so small, but I’m full steam ahead and want to embrace “automation” to reduce my unchargeable time in admin.

I would like to also that the other participants. At each meeting I jot down different “best practices” and have researched those apps which has helped eliminate other providers.

I wish everyone in the group great fortune as you embrace your changes.

Amanda, again thank you so so much. It’s been a pleasure to get to know you and it’s been a real wake up call I guess I can say. Just needed someone from the outside to show me.