Kim Quiglet

“Thanks so much for running this group your effort, knowledge and enthusiasm doesn’t go unnoticed.”
Kim Quigley – Port Stephens Accountants and Business Advisors Monthly Discussion Group



“I am so thankful for the Biz Buddy Monthly Planner/Recorder! Before I started using it two years ago, I didn’t have a clear understanding of the monthly figures and how it affected the sales/profits of our business. 
Now I’m given more incentive to have all my monthly creditors & debtors kept up to date & can keep a close eye on how much we are billing compared to previous months. It also shows me when we have quieter times so I can put things in place to boost our sales for that period. Our wages are another part of the planner that I can keep under control! 
The Planner keeps me very organised & I feel that I would be lost without it!
It also takes all the stress off for when I have our reviews with our wonderful Accountant!”
Lynne Howard


Teresa Brincat
“I felt like I had things under control until it came time to do my first tax return. I realised how many expenses I was missing! This made me realise that I needed to do things differently or I would be losing money or not properly claiming when I could. Using accounting software has been one of the biggest yet most exciting changes to my business. The thing I love most is being able to at any given moment, track my expected income over the next 12 months. I love that I can quickly and easily track my tax and GST requirements and see where I am spending my money. These tools are able to help me make plans for the direction of my business and also frees me up to enjoy my profit, knowing that it is all accounted for. Amanda has respected my need for one on one guidance and her help has given me the confidence to take ownership of my hard earned money.”
Teresa Brincat – Muse Photography



“Amanda Gascoigne of Gascoigne Consulting was a guest speaker at a members meeting for The Association of Independent Retirees recently where she spoke about taxation issues and financial management in retirement. She gave an excellent presentation and also provided a booklet to the 80 members present which provide details of your personal information, assets, liabilities and a list of your trusted advisors that you have worked with over the years. 

This booklet proved so popular with our members, that Amanda was required to print much more as people wanted one of them for friends and relatives. They found it quite invaluable to provide the details necessary for retirement as we age, and need the family to be familiar with our assets etc. This booklet brings all these details together in one document and is a wonderful vehicle to let those people who need to know their whereabouts.

I have no hesitation in recommending this particular booklet as a wonderful way of keeping track of your personal information, assets, liabilities and a list of your trusted advisors that are required to facilitate probate of a will.”
Maurie Theiss – Maitland & District A.I.R. 



Kim Quiglet

“If you’re stuck in your day to day business life & feel like you’re “living to work” NOT “working to live” give Amanda Gascoigne a go, I guarantee you’ll wish you did it sooner.”
Kim – Kim’s Mobile Accounting



Dane Stephenson

“I have worked with Amanda for more than 5 years. In her role as Director of Gascoigne Consulting, Amanda proved to be a breath of fresh air. Amanda is forward thinking, utterly positive and a true leader in the accounting field. Amanda receives my highest recommendation.”
Dane Stephenson, Operations Manager, NSW/ACT at Audit Share – Accountancy Insurance



James Love

“I worked for Amanda Gascoigne for 9 years and learnt pretty much all I know about running an accounting firm from her. Amanda has a personality that is at odds with stereotypical depictions of accountants as boring, uninteresting people and this, along with her genuine concern and interest in the lives of her clients, draws them to her and engenders loyalty and goodwill from them. As much as people might like you as a person though, they will move on if you are not doing the best possible job technically, and Amanda spent considerable time at the firm on ongoing education to ensure all staff were as well informed on changes to the laws as possible. As well as the constant training that was made available, Amanda was good to work for because of the flexibility she afforded her employees. At the time I had 5 small children and my wife did shift work so that was very important to me. She was very accommodating when it came to the hours and times I worked and I try to do this now as I am an employer of mothers.

Towards the end of my time with her, Amanda instituted a programme designed to greatly improve the processes and productivity of the firm. I know this focus on systems and an adherence to the discipline required to finish the work in the desired timeframe has greatly enhanced the success of the business, and I deeply regret not being around to see that particular transformation through to the end. The ability to consistently finish work to a high standard in an organised manner in a reasonable time is the holy grail of accounting I think. I assume Amanda must feel the same way because I know she has done a lot of work in this area, and has reaped the benefits of that. I firmly believe that Amanda is a credit to our profession and I am not surprised that she has gone on to achieve success in other areas beyond doing accounting work.”
James Love, Accountant